Welcome to the Scality S3 Server Community!

I’d like to warmly welcome you to the hub for Scality S3 Server, the open source version of our Amazon S3 API.

Scality S3 Server fulfills our long-held dream of creating a true open source project. For Scality, Amazon S3 was the natural choice because it has become the de facto standard for object storage. We believe the best way for developers to learn the technology is to explore the source code and see how things are put together. That’s why we’re seeding the open source community. Once people sink their teeth into Scality S3 Server and start playing with the source code, we’re confident that creative ideas and innovations will emerge beyond what we imagined. Such active community involvement is the magic of open source—and we’ve committed to the vision by equipping Scality S3 Server with its own distinctive brand, logo, and hub.

Giorgio Regni (CTO) and Jérôme Lecat (CEO).

We’ll keep the API current as Amazon makes periodic protocol changes. And because we’re open source, you’re free to tweak code on your own.

One key point we would like emphasize: Scality S3 Server is by no means a stripped-down version of something else. It’s the same production-grade code as our commercial product, with no subtractions or compromises. With Scality S3 Server, you can go comfortably from your first line of code to a real production experience with object storage. Develop and test on your laptop, deploy your finished app on a larger server configured with RAID protection, and use it to store production data. Start small and scale up to as much as a few hundred terabytes.

So go ahead—take Scality S3 Server for a spin! Then let us know what you think, and don’t be shy. We look forward to your feedback.

Giorgio Regni
Chief Technology Officer

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The Scality S3 Server is a simple object storage solution that is also effective for shared use. When you need object storage for test/dev or applications like backup and file sync and share, you can install and run S3 Server on a shared server – and presto – you'll have your own mini-storage cloud on your network.

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Giorgo Regni, Scality CTO

Meet the Team

At Scality, our goal is to disrupt the storage industry so that everyone has access to unlimited storage everywhere.

We believe that if we create an exceptional culture, with an exceptional purpose, we can meet our ambitious goals. Explore our open positions and find out how you can make a difference.

Our staff enjoys regular get-togethers for life celebrations, film club, bowling, games, lunches, and parties.

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Contributing to the Project

Would you like to contribute to the project? Our GitHub repo contains and defines the rules that have to be followed by any contributor to the project, in order for any change to be merged into the stable branches.

Contributing to the Project